Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5-on-5: Washers

Here in Missouri, the game of Washers has been popular for some time, so when summer makes its unofficial appearance on Memorial Day, it only seems fitting that the game of Washers should too.  My boys had played the day before and were both ready for round two, with a few new strategies to try out.

Something I enjoy about playing Washers is lending each other a hand.  Finding those little metal rings in the grass isn't always easy, so an extra set of eyes is super helpful.

I love watching both of my boys play.  It's neat to see the little things each of them does when focused.

And those nervous jitters too; those rings slipped back and forth in my son's hands what felt like a hundred times.

We even had a roadie.  She followed who ever was playing back and forth for each throw and it was super adorable.

Ultimately though, a game usually ends with a winner and a well, not winner.  I'll let you make a guess at who won this round.

Time to hop!  Go check out Eboni, a Long Island Family Photographer, to see some more summer fun.  And make sure to hit everyone in the circle and share some like or comments to keep us going strong!

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  1. Washers is new to me! :) Love the second shot! Great set, Melissa.

  2. Melissa, I've never heard of this game before but it seems super fun. I love the detail pic of your son's hands and your super cute roadie!!! What a beauty. Hope the rest of your summer is just as fun as the unofficial kick-off. :)

  3. I LOVE this Melissa! The 2nd picture is so cool-- such focus and determination! And of course your daughter is so adorable, as always! Well done my friend!!!


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