Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5-on-5: Welcome Home

As our son is getting older, his summer camp opportunities are transitioning from day camps to overnight camps and from 3 day camps to week long camps.  While exciting to him, for us and his little sister, those weeks can really drag on, especially when they are sprinkled throughout the short summer months.  Good thing for us that saying welcome back is so much fun to do.  And we all know who is put in charge when it comes to fun.  Thanks to my husband, our son came home to a fully decorated house and plethora of balloons.

When you have a little girl as excited about your home coming as this one was, I am pretty sure big smiles and a slow jog are a requirement.

To say he was surprised would be an understatement for sure.  And thankful too - both to be home and to be celebrated.

 You know what time it is!!  Let's go blog hop.  Jump on over to Long Island Family Photographer — Luxe Art Images, LLC to see Eboni's wonderful documentary story.

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