Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October 5-on-5: Big Girl Bike

A few years ago, while at soccer practice for my son, I saw what seemed to be a toddler riding a two wheeled bike without training wheels!  With some serious admiration on my face, I approached the parent to find out more.  I learned that the bike was specially designed without pedals for new bike riders.  Instead of training wheels, it teaches them to find that balance on their own by gliding.  I was sold on the idea and later thought that when our girl was to the stage of learning to ride a big girl bike, that would be our route.

But, as a cheap-o Mom, when I came upon a second hand princess bike at a garage sale for $7, I had to snag it up.  I had hopes that my husband would be able to take the pedals off and it would work the same.  So, our girl had her first try recently.  My husband was able to remove those pedals and she walked along the driveway and sidewalk at a snail's pace.  But, I would still say it was a success!

She eventually understood that the point was to push the bike and lift her feet while it rolled, but it took a few tries.

 And to prove it - we even had a few falls, which was all par for the course.  She didn't love the falls, but she did love that doll getting to have a ride along, and checked on her often.  Such a good little Momma.

And just like all good Mommas, she was very protective of her girl, wanting to make sure to shield her from the paparazzi.  Ha ha!!

Ready to hop?  Go check out my very talented friend, Jenny Bowers, Southern Michigan documentary photographer.  I know you'll love her work as much as I do!!

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  1. I had to laugh at the one with the bike flat on the ground! My kids are also learning to ride with a balance bike. You did a great job in telling your story - gorgeous and cute photos!

  2. What a great idea!! Great job capturing this story of your lives.

  3. My kiddo is learning to ride a balance bike too. It's so cute how SLOW they go at first! Love that you captured this for all of you to remember.


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