Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5 on 5: Traditions

So, it's December.  For many, that means a list of things to keep us busy and traditions that run the whole month long.  And while every family has different traditions at this time of year, in our house, it seems our list of traditions is forever long and found around every corner.  I hope you'll come back to see the stories of them unfold!

We start with the tradition of hunting for and cutting down our yearly Christmas tree.  This seems to always hold a unique story each year.
Next is our tradition of covering our tree in personalized ornaments to recall years of childhood memories.  Adding an almost 3 year old to this tradition made it a bit of a challenge and more fun all at one time.

Our traditions continue with a train around our tree and an Elf on our shelf.

Most importantly though, our family makes sure that no matter how long our list of traditions is, none of our traditions is bigger than the One that gives us reason to truly celebrate more than just Christmas day: Christ.  Our nativity scene celebrates that His birth was sent as a miracle for our broken world and that His love for us is unending.

Time to hop on over to see Jenny's post at the amazing Sycamore Lane Photography, and make sure to circle all the way through to see more fantastic stories to round out your year.  Then come on back later this month to see more posts with details about my family's Christmas traditions.  Until next time!


  1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions. Our family is with yours....keeping Christ central.

  2. I love your traditions, and love the way you documented them! Great job!

  3. What a beautiful way to remember your traditions!

  4. Love! I never captured what defines us each year during this time. Now it motivates me.


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